Scale - 29.858" (9" fingerboard radius)
Neck Width - 1 5/8" at nut, 2 1/8" at 22nd fret
Fingerboard - Pau Ferro or Maple (jumbo frets)
Neck - Eastern Rock Maple
Truss-rod - Fury adjustable linear type
Tuning Machines -
Grover mini rotomatics
Body - Eastern soft Maple, hard Maple center (1 1/2" thick)
Finish - Nitrocellulose & acrylic lacquer
Hardware finish - Chrome plate (gold optional)

• Pau Ferro or Maple fingerboard
• Left hand model
• Gold plated hardware (Extra Cost)
• Matching color headstock (Extra Cost)

Huge is the only word to describe the Fireball baritone guitar sound. Tuned 1/5th below standard guitar tuning (A-D-G-C-E-A), and an extra long 29.858" scale, this guitar presents the creative player with a whole new world of sound. To add brightness and presence to its deep, rich tone, we use a much different string mix than most other makes.

Starting at bass A-.056, D-.046, G-.036, C-.024, E-.017, A-.013. The combination of extra scale length and thinner gauges gives more snap to the attack without sacrificing tonal depth. The bridge, pickups and circuitry are the same as the Fireball standard guitar. Because of the bridge and headstock design, standard guitar strings can be used without the need for special baritone sets. This guitar will thrill even the most conservative player.

Baritone Photos