Our high-mass vibrato is designed to drop pitch with a perfect audio curve. Unlike many vibratos, our system does not sacrifice sustain or tonal quality. Solidity and balance are equal to our high-mass bridge/tailpiece. The lever is made of stainless steel for strength and immunity to corrosion. It is easily detached from the system. A neoprene stop-block placed under the mechanism serves as a silent return reference and prevents up-tuning when a string breaks.

Intonation and height adjustment are simple and easy to do. All component parts are machined from mill rolled brass

Original Design, Product Excellence,  

Our special-design Uninut™ is made of hard acrylic for durability and to reproduce balanced, well-sustained open string notes.

It is engineered to fulfill three objectives:

to gain tighter mechanical coupling to the neck than that of conventional string nuts
2. to maintain precise string clearance and soft playing action at the first fret
3.  easier, less costly servicing or replacement


Relieved Body Cutaway

Fury instrument bodies are relieved under the base of the neck, making access to the high registers much easier and more comfortable to the player's hand. The ledge of the neck overhang serves as a solid resting surface for the thumb when wide string bends are being played in the extreme high registers.

High-Mass Vibrato

High-Mass Vibrato

and Functional Simplicity.