Fury ZP™ Pickups Principle Two: Bonded Construction Produces Accurate Tonality.

A pickup responds to both external and internal sources of motion and vibration, which can be problematic at high volume levels. ZP™ Pickups are constructed of dense materials and their component parts are bonded to form a unified mass. Therefore, no single component can vibrate to cause feedback or microphonics.

Diagram C offers an internal view of the ZP™ Pickup, revealing its tubular pole pieces and special construction details that eliminate unwanted feedback and microphonics.

1. ZP tubular pole pieces are placed in close proximity to the coil's core windings for increased pickup response.

2. Tightly wound coils are chemically solidified throughout for total suppression of microphonics.

3. Extra-hard acrylic bobbins are resistant to surface wear and are immune to microphonics.

4. The dense acrylic bottom pan is unresponsive to resonance that can trigger high volume ring and squeal.

5. Aluminum shielding is pressure-bonded to the interior of the bottom pan.

6. The bottom pan and coil bobbins are chemically bonded to dampen even the most minute microphonics.

7. Hookup wiring is bonded to the coil bobbins for security and for isolation of microphonics that can develop on high-gain output lines.

8. The extra-large ceramic magnet is permanently bonded to the coil bobbins for structural

rigidity and microphonic isolation.

9. A protective wrapping of woven cloth tape surrounds both coils.

10. A band of aluminum shielding surrounds both coils for hum cancellation.

11. Each coil is individually wrapped with woven cloth tape to protect its delicate windings.